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For the caring dentistry professional who wants patients to be excited to come see them rather than dreading their time together... you know there must be a better way.

For the dental professional who has heard a patient say they hate going to the dentist and always wished there was something they could say to change that patient's perception.
For the dental office manger and assistant who has confirmed dental appointments the day before (as you should) only to have your schedule fall apart in the morning.

For the dental hygienist who wishes patients would understand the value of brushing and flossing regularly (not just the day of their cleaning) and coming back for recare.

For the doctor who wants patients to understand the value of the care they receive and the dentistry they need... and a team that feels like family.

For the dental assistant who thrives on giving patients a great experience at their practice and offering doctor(s) the efficient support they need

For the hypnotist, NLPer or coach who wants to help more people, especially dental professionals and their patients


There IS a better way
This Show Will Teach You HOW

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Natural Comfort Specialist show delivers usable information to improve the patient experience and dental practices. The host, Juan Acosta, is a professional medical and clinical hypnotherapist and not a doctor. Listeners of the podcast should NEVER confuse the content of this show and/or website with medical/clinical advice, nor should they use the content as a substitute for treatment or actual medical/dental/psychological advice. While some guests might have higher education certificates, ALL the information shared within is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Listen and use at your own risk.

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